The Birds- Reviews, updated

The Chicago Sun-Times review came out today featuring The Birds and The Carpenters Halloween show, director Scott Bradleys cabaret performance at Mary’s Attic. Centerstage Chicago is also added.

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE- Get them now as they are going fast.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED- a definitive and challenging camp masterpiece. As Tippi Hedren, Tracy Repep has all the poise and grace of her real-life counterpart. You’ll never watch the Alfred Hitchcock classic the same way again. -The Chicago Sun-Times

Tracy Repep is astonishing- Astute and hilarious- this is one camp show that is far beyond drag- The Chicago Tribune

4 STARS- Chicago has seen a wealth of entertaining parodies-they run from silly to splendid. The Birds is all that plus brilliance- Gay Chicago Magazine

A high flying, MUST SEE Event, Adrienne Smith is a perfect foil for Repep. (Ed) Jones (as Cathy) is truly a genius of timing and intent and should be bowed down to on every street corner in Andersonville for the next month and a half- Chicago Free Press

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED- Handbag Productions, the gold standard in camp…Hysterically funny, poignant, and at times, truly terrifying- Chicago Reader

A dark treat for the Halloween season, EVENT PICK- NewCity Chicago

Hell in a Handbag puts on a hilarious show- Centerstage Chicago

4 Responses to “The Birds- Reviews, updated”

  1. Maybe the Andersonville boys will just bend over in front of Ed.

    YAY for all the great press!!

  2. Wait a minute!

    This is a show? When did this happen?

  3. Is ‘The Birds’ over? I really wanted ot see it!
    Please advise, and if over, will it be coming back here or in another venue?

  4. The Birds is over, Eric. :(

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