The Birds- Reviews, updated

The Chicago Sun-Times review came out today featuring The Birds and The Carpenters Halloween show, director Scott Bradleys cabaret performance at Mary’s Attic. Centerstage Chicago is also added.

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE– Get them now as they are going fast.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED– a definitive and challenging camp masterpiece. As Tippi Hedren, Tracy Repep has all the poise and grace of her real-life counterpart. You’ll never watch the Alfred Hitchcock classic the same way again. –The Chicago Sun-Times

Tracy Repep is astonishing– Astute and hilarious- this is one camp show that is far beyond dragThe Chicago Tribune

4 STARS– Chicago has seen a wealth of entertaining parodies-they run from silly to splendid. The Birds is all that plus brilliance Gay Chicago Magazine

A high flying, MUST SEE Event, Adrienne Smith is a perfect foil for Repep. (Ed) Jones (as Cathy) is truly a genius of timing and intent and should be bowed down to on every street corner in Andersonville for the next month and a half– Chicago Free Press

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED– Handbag Productions, the gold standard in camp…Hysterically funny, poignant, and at times, truly terrifyingChicago Reader

A dark treat for the Halloween season, EVENT PICK– NewCity Chicago

Hell in a Handbag puts on a hilarious show Centerstage Chicago

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  1. Is ‘The Birds’ over? I really wanted ot see it!
    Please advise, and if over, will it be coming back here or in another venue?

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