Join us for Sing Along Xanadu Mar. 20!

XANADU - 00hr 05min 21sec


Please join is for Sing Along Xanadu, Friday Mar. 20 at The Music Box Theatre. The fun starts at Midnight. There will be contests for best dressed and the grand prize is 2 tickets for Xanadu The Musical at the Drury Lane Theater in Water Tower!

Xanadu-ettes will also get to play games, interact with real life Muses that somehow got left on the cutting room floor, shout out their favorite lines at the screen (along with host Dick O’Day) and vie for heavenly swag courtesy of – including a pair of free tickets to an upcoming performance of Xanadu the stage musical (now playing in Chicago). Tickets are $12 per person and may be ordered in advance at Pre-show at Midnight, with hi-jinks throughout the movie.

XANADU - 01hr 01min 39sec

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  1. I was just at Xanadu last Saturday and had a great time! Its a really neat combination of rocking music and comedy, I would love to go again!!!

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