The Birds

Hell in a Handbag Productions invites you to witness the sheer stabbing shock of
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by David Cerda & Pauline Pang
Directed by Scott Bradley


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Meet Tippi Hedren; a beautiful young model given the opportunity of a lifetime. The legendary director Alfred Hitchcock has handpicked her to star in his newest film, The Birds, his latest thriller about a series of bird attacks that coincide with the arrival of a beautiful blonde stranger. Tippi would soon discover the birds would be the least of her worries, for things aren’t going quite as she expected. There’s Peggy Robertson, Mr. Hitchcock’s rigid assistant who seems to be going out of her way to make things unpleasant for Tippi, and that pesky Camille Paglia, her psychiatrist who appears at the strangest times, not to mention the cast. Sure, Rod Taylor and Jessica Tandy are nice enough, but there’s something odd about that little girl, Veronica Cartwright, and Suzanne Pleshette, too, for that matter. On top of all that, Mr. Hitchcock’s interest in her seems to go far beyond that of a professional manner.The Birds, written by David Cerda and Pauline Pang and directed by Scott Bradley is part parody and part dark deconstruction of the classic Alfred Hitchcock film. Further inspiration comes from the British Film Institute essay on The Birds penned by the always-controversial American social critic, Camille Paglia.The Birds takes you behind the scenes and inside the mind of actress Tippi Hedren, played by Seattle actress and Handbag alumni Tracy Repep (POSEIDON! An Upside-Down Musical). Handbag newcomer Deanna Boyd is Jessica Tandy/“Lydia Brenner”, the mother with serious abandonment issues; Adrienne Smith (Caged Dames) is Peggy Robertson, the devoted assistant to “Hitch”; Sam Brown (Midnight Circus) is Mike, the stagehand stuck in the middle; Cheryl Snodgrass (Caged Dames) is Mrs. Bundy, the dismissive ornithologist; and A Red Orchid Theatre’s Doug Vickers (The Twilight Gallery) rounds off the list as the reappearing actor.Handbag ensemble members in the show include Merrie Greenfield (SCARRIE-The Musical) as Camille Paglia, the time traveling mole; Ed Jones (Rudolph, The Red-Hosed Reindeer) as Veronica Cartwright/“Cathy Brenner”, the big little girl; Derek Czaplewski (Caged Dames) as the dashing Rod Taylor/Mitch Brenner; BC Kalz (Caged Dames) as Helen, the sassy Tides Restaurant waitress; and David Cerda as Suzanne Pleshette/Annie Hayworth, the jilted school teacher.The Birds is simultaneously ridiculous and disturbing, and the venue, on Lake Michigan, adds an extra environmental dimension to this unique theatrical experience. You won’t want to miss The Birds.

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