Chazie Bly

Chazie grew up in Pennsylvania and spent most of his life wandering its rolling hills in search of drag queens. Eighteen years and zero lip sync sightings later, Chazie went on to earn a BA in both Theatre and Women’s Studies from Penn State. Afterwards, he moved to Chicago and found the hocly grail of theatrical irreverence: Hell in a Handbag. Since then, Chazie has performed with Handbag many times and has loved channeling their divine muses of camp, homage, and parody. He also holds his Professional Educator License from National Louis University/Teach for America. In his spare time, Chazie teaches theatre and special education as a certified Learning Behavior Specialist. Additionally, he has found success as an underwear model; it is a skill that he is always happy to share with Handbag and its audiences.

Handbag Productions

  • The Birds – 2014
  • Scream, Queen, Scream! — 2015
  • Christmas Dearest — 2015
  • Skooby Don’t! — 2016
  • The Rip Nelson Holiday Spectacular — 2016