David Lipschutz

DAVID LIPSCHUTZ loves Handbag. Although only a company member since 2013, he has been involved since 2009, when he first appeared on stage as “Acres” in Poseidon: An Upside-Down Musical. Since then, he portrayed “Billy Nolan” in Scarrie and has understudied/replaced/gone-on-last-minute (literally, while he was studying for the bar exam) numerous other productions. He has the coveted and unique honor of being the only person in history to have played both Santa AND Mrs. Claus…and Jesus (or, at least, the only Jewish person in history…). David has also performed at the Illinois Theatre Center, Theatre at the Center, Victory Gardens, Factory Theater, and Brown Paper Box Co. (where he is also a company member). Favorite roles: the title role in Kuni-Leml, “Adam” in The Shape of Things, and the son in Nocturne. Film/TV: Polish Bar, Devil in My Ride, “Green Screen Adventures”. By day, David is a lawyer (hence the joke above about studying for the bar exam). Always on his mind onstage are his bubbie & zayde and Matt Gunnels (z”l), and, of course, BC/KJOC.

Handbag Productions

  • Poseidon! An Upside Down Musical
  • TROGG! A Musical
  • Scarrie the Musical
  • L’Imitation of Life
  • The Birds 2013
  • Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer ’09, ’11, ’12, ’14
  • Miracle!
  • Christmas Dearest ’13, ’15