Ed Jones

Ed Jones comes to Handbag from the east coast and arrived in Chicago after a chance meeting with Lilly Tomlin in the late eighties who advised him to move here. Many beers and pizzas later, he has never regretted that advice. As an ensemble member he has had the opportunity to wear many wigs including business manager, artistic committee member, producer, actor, as well as janitor. Favorite Handbag roles include Nonnie in Poseidon! An Upside Down Musical; Margaret White in Scarrie, the Musical; and Cathy Brenner in The Birds.

Other favorite credits include work for Royal George, Lyric Opera of Chicago, European Rep, Bailiwick, Neofurarium, Annoyance Theatre, Feast of Fools Cabaret, The Playground Theatre and Single Box Turn Productions. Ed’s alter ego is keyboardist and vocalist for The Joans.

Handbag Productions

  • Poseidon! An Upside Down Musical
  • How ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’ Happened
  • Twilight Gallery
  • Rudolph
  • FaLaLa This
  • Scarrie, the Musical
  • Judy’s Scary Little Christmas
  • Caged Dames
  • Summer Camp
  • The Birds
  • Die! Mommie, Die!
  • Silent Night of the Lambs
  • Mildred Pierce (benefit reading)
  • Rip Nelson Halloween Spooktacular
  • Trogg!
  • Pussy on the House
  • Sexy Baby
  • Christmas Dearest
  • Miracle
  • Scream, Queen, Scream!
  • The Divine Sister
  • Skooby Don’t
  • Rip Nelson Holiday Spectacular
  • Lady X: The Musical